Antica Sartoria EN

In the 1960s, when the “Hippie Look” took over the world, “Moda Positano” was born in a sunny and heavenly corner of Italy. At that time, people from the city did not expect such a mild climate, so they generally did not have the right clothing to wear. Visitors traveled through the many souvenir shops in the seaside town asking for pareo wraps, shorts, bathing suits and other beach items. Very few options were available.

In response, the original Positano merchants began to design and produce a new fashion using linen, hand – embroidered towels and traditional wedding kits sheets, which were finished with elegantly crocheted reels and other applications. This new style of clothing was a great success as it was very different from the traditional wear of the city. Entrepreneurs such as Benetton and Fiorucci, usually on vacation in Positano, have shown local designers how to use dyes reflecting the natural beauty of the coastal area, which added to the growing appeal to tourists.

The designer Giacomo Cinque began to create unique models to express his love for the art of embroidery. With Riccardo Ruggiti, the first antique dealer in Positano, these two visionaries launched the two shops of Antica Sartoria in the city center and the beach. Now, their reach has spread to many more Italian cities such as Rome, Venice, and Florence.

In October 2016, due to the international demand for the popular clothing line, Antica Sartoria finally arrives in the United States. Palm Beach, like Positano, is known as a prime destination for visitors – and residents – looking for luxury and distinctive style. Palm Beach is ready to preserve the spirit and the expression of this very original “Positanese” fashion. Antica Sartoria now opens at the Downtown at the Gardens!